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    Norfork Lake is one of the major recreation centers in North Central Arkansas. Almost all the varieties of fresh water game fish are found in the lake which is fed by the North Fork River and its tributaries. Anglers can expect to catch almost any member of the bass family, walleye, crappie, bream, and catfish.

The lake, according to some persons, has a worldwide reputation for lunker bass fishing, and largemouth bass weighing up to 12 pounds have been caught to back up the claim.

Fishermen are active here throughout the year as there is no closed season at Norfork and the mild winters do not freeze the lake.

September through May is usually considered the best fim for catching black bass. Night fishing with lights for white bass and crappie is becoming increasingly popular with sportsmen in the summer months.

The lake has over 550 miles of shoreline and 20 developed parks which provide more than ample opportunities for other water sports such as boating, water skiing, scuba diving, and swimming. The surrounding hills offer such recreations as hiking, hunting, and sightseeing.

Wildlife abounds in the area. The timbered hills provide good cover for whitetail deer, and the hard wood trees furnish both home and food to squirrels, rabbits, ducks, geese, doves, & quail furnish additional game for the sportsman.

Flowering shrubs in the spring and the changing of the forest foliage in the autumn make the area attractive to sightseers.

As with all Corps of Engineers projects, Norfork Lake has been developed through the cooperative efforts of local, State, and Federal agencies for public enjoyment. The picnic areas contain grills, firewood, tables, water wells. Toilet facilities are conveniently located to both camping and picnic areas.

Nearby towns offer a wide range of modern accommodations as well as additional recreation facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, ball diamonds, bowling lanes, and golf courses. There are about 130 commercial overnight establishments in the vicinity of the lake as well as a number of cafes and restaurants.


Length of dam, feet 2,624
Maximum height of dam above stream bed, feet 216
Concrete in dam, cubic yards 1,5000,000
Length of spillway, gross, feet 568
Spillway crest gates (12), size in feet 40 x 28
Outlet conduits (11), size in feet 4 x 6
Elevations, feet above mean seal level: 
Top of dam 590
Spillway crest 552

Total Surface area of lake, acres:
Top - flood control pool30,700
Top - conservation pool 22,000
Total Shoreline length, miles:
Top - flood control pool 510
Top - conservation pool 380

Generating units installed, number 2
Generation units to be installed, future 2
Rated capacity, each unit, kilowatts 35,000
Station installed capacity, kilowatts 70,000

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